USA: Safety first or Reforming the 1st Amendment in 2021–22

Hannah Porat
7 min readJun 14, 2021
Redemption has arrived — it’s time for Peace!

Why “the right to bear arms” enshrined in the US constitution does NOT work as long as unconscious men (very rarely women) use it to harm themselves, their loved ones and complete strangers in America’s infamous and frequent “mass shooting events”.

Our species — homo sapiens — suffers from one fatal flaw: Self-Violence. As shooking as the gruesome mass shooting events across the US are — each one in their specific details (who did it, what happened, how many victims, how does the event effect the feelings of the relatives of those killed or wounded and how are they supposed to cope with this event and its impact thereafter in their lives) — the public discourse in the US about the 1st amendment and the “right to bear arms” for men — or better background checks, the public discourse altogether ignores one central and glaring fact: that human beings as long as they are unconscious and have NOT yet developed their Authentic Identity — are liable to do serious harm to themselves and to their loved ones, as well as to complete strangers.

I can’t give you dear reader now the exact quote where another author here on brought in the professional social science evidence that the reality is as follows: in the majority of cases where there is a gun in the home, mind you even a properly liscensed gun, this gun will end up being used either on the gun-owner himself or on one of his family members. Strange no? Because the rationale that permits guns to be manufactured and sold in the US for private citizens is that the thing is purchased to protect the home? Protect it from what? A thief, a burglar, a dangerous murderer? So the male instinct to protect his own family from possible aggressors is understandable, given our undeniably bad track record as a species to kill one another or do other harm.

However, what no one wants to look at, is the equally disturbing and often even greater level of Self-Violence, in which angry people (meaning unconsconcious, meaning highly frustrated people) will eventually act out their anger, or their self-harm program — on whom? Not on the imagined aggressor, rather on themselves or their spouse of their children! Or in a premediated, planned and highly attention-seeking act of suicide+murder, in which the usually young and fatherless man goes…

Hannah Porat

Mother of 4 adult sons and one daughter; anthropologist; proud Jewess and student of Torah; German-Israeli dual citizenship; resident in Beitar Illit since 1996